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          Melissa Burns


          Melissa Burns is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. She spends her time writing articles, overviews, and analyses about entrepreneurship, startups, business innovations, and technology. Follow her at @melissaaburns.

          Business man using a smart phone in a taxi


          23-Jan-2020 | Melissa Burns

          It’s an exciting time in the transportation industry. As an industry where efficiency is everything, it’s no newcomer to disruptive innovations. Although it’s already come a long way, emerging t

          Electric Car at Charging Station


          14-Jan-2020 | Melissa Burns

          At a glance, it may seem that the automotive industry is going strong and has nothing to worry about. In the United States, it serves as the most significant component of retail sales (about 20% of th

          Woman responds to social media on her tablet while standing in her kitchen


          6-Jan-2020 | Melissa Burns

          If your business is not present and active on social media, it may just as well not exist at all. In 2019, it is a fact of life, whether you like it or not. However, just being present – or even bei

          Customer checks in at a hotel


          30-Dec-2019 | Melissa Burns

          You cannot have a successful business without marketing, including in the hotel business. Fortunately, there have never been more opportunities to use marketing to build and grow your hotel business.

          A couple engages in an online e-commerce site on a mobile device


          26-Dec-2019 | Melissa Burns

          Every time we start using a new marketing automation tool, it is natural to be very hopeful about it. However, we tend to forget that these tools are not a panacea that will magically improve ROI, inc

          Businesswoman working at her desk


          16-Dec-2019 | Melissa Burns

          According to a study by Xerox, 46% of respondents say their time is wasted by paper-intensive workflows. Despite that fact, almost 50% of businesses have only just begun or are still considering imple

          Two coworkers view a message on a mobile device


          5-Dec-2019 | Melissa Burns

          Reputation has always been one of the primary assets for any business – if the word gets out that you cannot be trusted, individuals and other companies will be wary of dealing with you. If you are

          Woman analyzes her cryptocurrency account on her mobile device while drinking coffee


          4-Dec-2019 | Melissa Burns

          Cryptocurrency has been the talk of the town for the last few years. But the majority of people still look at the topic with caution and have a somewhat tentative understanding of what they are. They

          Man uses a mobile phone as he exits a building


          29-Oct-2019 | Melissa Burns

          The world is becoming smaller, which means the opportunities for digital marketers are growing. The barriers to reaching out and doing business on a global scale have never been so low. And, they’re

          Technicians using computer in server room


          16-Oct-2019 | Melissa Burns

          These days, businesses have less reason to fear burglars and thugs than anonymous cybercriminals. While thieves can steal merchandise or damage property, cybercriminals are much more insidious, and th